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Friday, January 21, at 8pm & 10pm Eastern • Saturday, January 22, at 2pm, 8pm & 10pm Eastern

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Friday, January 7, at 8pm Eastern • Saturday, January 8, at 2pm & 8pm Eastern

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Program Notes for Mirage

This four-part set of ephemeral outdoor films leads viewers on a journey of

intrigue, illusion, and imagination through the wilds of NYC.



La Paloma

This dreamweaver drifts through western skies on technicolor wings, her eyes on the horizon and imagination in her wake.

Ranch Water
A renegade through and through, this fearless ranchera dances to no one's tune but her own.

Double Vision
Modern minds spar with ancient ways in this heady, hypnotic duel.

Smooth Criminal
Crime pays with interest in this demagogue's classical delusion.