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THE GAME is simple:

you earn one Twist Token for each question you answer correctly.


The tokens you collect will be added to your total score and it will be displayed on the 'BWAT Leader-board'.

The questions are relatively easy, but they are timed, and they are quick!

If you make five (5) mistakes, (which is practically impossible) you're out. But don't worry, you can play again and try for a better  score registering with a new name. You'll have to register every time you play, "due to the unfortunate limitation of this kind of outdated platform" (ULOTKOOP).

On February 28 THE GAME will end and who is ahead on the leader-board will get the chance to date either Maria Kowroski, Roberto Bolle, Timothée Chalamet or Snoop Dog.

Make sure the email address you enter is correct, as it will be the only way we can connect you with your date, if you win.

If on Feb 28 more than one player is on top of the leader-board with the same score, we'll figure someway to organize a randomized draw from the hat broadcasting it live on the Twist Theater, annoucing the winner!

Please let's keep in mind this is a test run for BWAT's crew only, and as mentioned before, the ULOTKOOP may challenge us with various and random issues..

For example, things may look differently from user to user because the different mobile we use to play THE GAME.

This is actually why we are playing this version of THE GAME, so we can figure out all possible issues.


If you see anything "weird" like some text shown partially, or some other random things happening as you play, please take a screenshot and send it to Nico at, including the mobile brand and model you're using. Probably we won't be able to fix it, but at least we'll know about it. :) Thank you.

All this said, when you're ready to play THE GAME, click the little 'next' word on the top of the phone' screen (check either left or right corner), and remember this information for when you'll visit a Leader-board page. You'll be able to move forward from there only by clicking the same little 'next', on the top left (or right) corner of the screen.

Have fun!

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