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"Classic entertainment and contemporary cool collide in a dazzling display..."

 Seven Days

Drama, mystery, humor, romance... 

Cocktail Hour: The Show reinvents the the glamour and excitement of classic Hollywood with a sizzling contemporary sensibility. From a sleek and mysterious Martini to a classy Manhattan, our sparkling, original mix of choreography, music and design is perfectly prepared for the nightlife scene.

Cross-Promotional Production Features
Food and Beverage — Cocktail Hour: The Show inspires liberal taste testing. Our vibrant program can be tailored to complement dinner and drink menus, as well as seasonal or promotional themes.
Music — Combining the intimate feel of a jazz club with the energy of a pop concert, the show's original score fuses a broad range of styles to bring the cabaret/showroom atmosphere to life.
Tech — A full range of technical effects, such as dramatic lighting design and animated graphic projections, highlight the best a venue has to offer while rounding out the 360-degree nightlife experience.
Customizable Format — The show’s versatile vignette structure can be adjusted to suit your concept, with selections scattered throughout an evening or presented in one continuous set. Large-scale or small, every venue benefits from custom-made entertainment.

Audience Reach
Cocktail Hour: The Show has been presented in a variety of venues nationwide, offering dynamic entertainment for all ages and all audiences. This innovative production has a particular appeal to two key demographics:
Ages 40 and Up: These patrons are drawn to our unique brand of performance, which bridges the gap between classic entertainment experiences and more contemporary interests. They especially enjoy the show’s witty visual and musical references to tradition and its reinvention of the stage revue genre.
Ages 21 to 39: These patrons seek out the type of modern entertainment experience we offer — an all-encompassing event incorporating performance, food and drink, and social interaction. They are attracted to the show’s contemporary interpretation of “vintage” culture and its fast-paced storytelling style.

For booking information, please email management(@) or call 212-732-1813

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