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COCKTAIL HOUR” Ballets End In Country Finale:
Ballets with a Twist – Delighted A

By Dessa Rodeffer
Henderson County Quill – April 19, 2023
2023 BWAT photo for Exerpts Burtlington.jpg
“COCKTAIL HOUR, performed by Ballets with a Twist, was brought to the Civic Music “Live on the River” agenda this past Wednesday evening by Burlington sponsor: Southeastern Community College. It was a delightful two-act fast pace performance that brought a happy evening of entertainment, not a traditional ballet.”

“The idea, according to Kay Conrad, President of Civic Music in her introduction, was 'to combine the
timeless American spirit with a 21st-century flair.' They did that and more.”

“The lighting highlighted the scenes… outstanding original mix of choreography by Marilyn Klaus was perfect, as was the music by Stephen Gaboury... a spin on various drinks one might have during Cocktail Hour.”

“Viewers will never look at these drinks in the same way – The Manhattan, The Roy Rogers, The Bloody Mary, or Champagne – after watching these polished dancers embrace each drink in music and dance.”

“A note of praise is deserved by the…beautiful costumes which highlighted the dancers performance, perfectly designed for each drink.”

“If you didn’t attend, you missed a delightful evening out.”

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