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Combining the magnetism of Hollywood's Golden Age with a sleek twenty-first-century sensibility, this fresh floorshow-to-stage experience captures the timeless American spirit in a series of sparkling vignettes.

Cocktail Hour: The Show, created and performed by New York City-based company Ballets with a Twist, reimagines remarkable moments in social and popular culture in a vibrant collection of cocktail-themed theatrical dances. Featuring dynamic choreography, an original score and couture costumes, the innovative production offers lively entertainment for audiences of all ages.


From a repertory catalogue of over 30 individual dance cocktails, unique evening-length programs — with or without intermission and varying in duration — can be customized to suit the needs of each venue. Flexible components designed to enhance the floorshow-to-stage experience are available, and include

  • A full range of technical effects such as automated lighting and animated projections

  • Cocktail menu partnerships with in-house food and beverage teams or off-site restaurants

  • Live music performed by our own B-Twist Orchestra or local artists

  • Community outreach ranging from public master classes and choreography workshops to collaborations with youth choirs and marching bands

Cocktail Hour: The Show has been seen in a variety of venues, from traditional theaters and museums to outdoor stages and intimate cabarets, across the country. Our extensive roster of New York City presenters includes Lincoln Center, the Beacon Theatre, The Museum at FIT, Saks Fifth Avenue, Stage 48 and the Tribeca Film Festival. Beyond our home base, we have been welcomed to Vermont, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Florida, Georgia, Wisconsin, Ohio, Illinois, Texas, Colorado, Oregon and California. We look forward to bringing our fresh, unexpected style to additional states in the coming season.

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